Birthdate: Oct 26, 1985
Hometown: Bordeaux, France

We don’t want to be the ones to suggest that French women are somehow inherently more alluring, but it’s hard to deny the old adage when we’re around French musician SoKo. There’s something enchanting about a multi-talented singer who embodies both the punk and the poet so seamlessly, as gritty, raw, and unpredictable as she is wildly romantic and powerfully seductive. But don’t confuse her with some industry darling who will be here one day and gone the next. SoKo is as dedicated to her vision as she is her craft, diving into the entire creative process head first. She’s an established actress and inimitable artist who writes her own songs as if her life depends on it, directs her own music videos, records her own tracks, DIYs her own album covers, and plays everything from synth and bass to guitar and drums on stage. She’s a rebel in every sense of the word, unafraid to invite an audience into the deepest, darkest corners of her world. The result? Emotionally charged music about dreams and death from a woman who looks pretty damn good while making it.