Lauren Wasser



Birthdate: Mar 02, 1988
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Wasser, who suffered a near-death experience with Toxic Shock Syndrome, has dedicated her life to spreading a message of body positivity and activism. After the loss of her leg and toes on the other foot, Lauren was devastated and ashamed, unable to realize the power and beauty that lies within this. Lauren’s girlfriend and photographer, Jennifer Rovero, aided her recovery through a process she coined as photo therapy. Rovero took hundreds of pictures of Lauren as she recovered, showing off her prosthetic leg to help Lauren become comfortable and proud of her new body. Rovero then became her manager, placed her story in Vice, and signed her with Vision Models management. Lauren is often cited as the woman who opened the conversation for women’s feminine hygiene, giving way for many brands to have a voice in the marketplace. She is one of the most recognizable amputee models in the world, fighting for Toxic Shock Syndrome prevention, as well a body positivity activist, with her story gaining over 6 million views on Vice.