Laura Enever



Birthdate: Nov 14, 1991
Hometown: North Narrabeen, Australia

When surfer Laura Enever burst onto the scene in her teens, surf-industry heads turned so fast they got whiplash. At last, a young woman with the perfect blend of style, poise, talent, and that legendary hair--a new poster child. Laura has become one of the most respected female athletes in surfing, winning several prestigious titles and currently competing on the ASP Women’s World Tour. She has also appeared in global campaigns for industry giants like Billabong and Nike, and her enthusiasm for design means she’s often front-row at fashion week shows around the world, looking just as natural in the front row as she does in the water. So what’s next for this fierce contender with no shortage of ambition? A new Stance collaboration and just “taking life by the minute” she says with her signature grin. We can hardly wait.