Filipe Toledo



Birthdate: Apr 16, 1995
Hometown: Ubatuba, Brazil

Originally from Ubatuba, Brazil, and currently residing in San Clemente, CA, Filipe is the son of Ricardo Toledo, a widely-respected Brazilian surfer. He started surfing with his father at only 10 months of age, and at four years, he was already taking his first waves alone. In 2015, Toledo had the best year of his professional career on the WSL World Tour, managing to grab his first three WCT event wins, getting at least one perfect 10 in each final he competed in. Toledo was also the surfer with most WCT event wins of the year. He went on to finish the 2015 season in fourth place. Filipe brings an interesting edge to surfing: he’s progressive and consistent, and above all, what really matters at the end of the day is that he has tons of fun out in the water.