Aleali May



Birthdate: Jul 10, 1992
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

When most women purchase their first Louboutin shoes, they opt for the iconic red-soled high heels. Aleali May chose the sneakers instead. The L.A.-based image consultant, model, and blogger has worked with some of the most legendary brands and musicians in the game — Lil Yachty, Rainy Milo, Kendrick Lamar — but it’s her own skill for elevating streetwear into an art form that keeps us mesmerized. Her self-titled blog is an experiment in style, and May is the mad scientist, perfecting her mix of boiler suits and baggy pants just to see what happens next. Her first project with Stance includes the Shadow King and Queen, a kit up to her first Jordan shoe, the AJ1 Shadow.