Lauren Fleshman



Birthdate: Sep 16, 1981

These days, everyone seems to be a multi-hyphenate. Be they model-actors, chef-author-pilates-instructors, or motivational speaker-athletes, Lauren Fleshman manages to run circles around the best of them. Literally. A self-described tomboy from the heart of California, Fleshman quickly discovered an aptitude for out-running her peers, which catapulted her into a collegiate racing career. The awards and accolades quickly followed: five NCAA Championship titles, two USA Championships, a contributing editorship for Runner’s World Magazine, and a stint coaching other professional athletes. Fleshman also co-founded the energy bar company, Picky Bars. You might logically assume the woman who finished seventh in the world as a runner would be on the fast track to Olympic glory. However, a twist of fate (and a myriad of injuries) landed Fleshman on the couch. It was the kind of defeat that could send even most hardened athlete into a fit of tears. Instead, Fleshman harnessed her trademark positivity and ambition to heal, get up, and fight her way back to the top—just in time to compete for the gold.