School's out - We Scribble Together.

The first in our series of workshops is We Scribble Together.

We've been in touch with our community of artists to create a drawing pack for you and your young creatives. We have selected three artists and we have seven print at home designs to choose from. Don't have a printer? No problem, download them onto an iPad and colour them in using a free app such as Adobe Sketch.

Once you have completed your drawing, take a photo and share it on instagram tagging #StanceTogether. Then we will ask our artists to pick a few of their favourites, feature you on instagram, and send you out a €25 gift card to spend on our site.

Meet our artists:


Cajsa Holgersson is a Swedish born Illustrator and Graphic designer who would love to live in the mountains and split her time between running on ridges ad vectoring words but until the outdoor industry wakes up and headhunts her to a life in Annecy she is holding fort on the south east coast of England. There she spends the days shredding cliff top trails and creating art and design for advertising, editorials and books.

Jonas Claesson

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Jonas mixes strong references from his new home in Australia with his Scandinavian roots. In his colourful drawings, moose, polar bears, reindeers, seals and surfers cohabitate in a wonderful world. His traditional hand drawn illustrations are sometimes digitally coloured, resulting in a bold and expressive style. With this essence of vibrancy, Jonas’s freewheeling and unconventional take on everyday milieu has become his distinctive trademark.

Download Jonas’s art pack

Eloise Dörr

Eloise Dörr is a London based artist. Her work primarily features playful characters who skate their way through various environments, curiosity and fun leading the way. Being a skateboarder herself, it felt only natural to show her love of the sport in her paintings. These characters can be seen as an on-going self portrait of her own skateboarding adventures.

Download Eloise’s art pack

Jono Wood

Jono was born in Kingston, London in 1979, battling the reading and writing problems caused by Dyslexia Jono found himself turning to drawing as a means of expression from a very early age. Over the years since, Jono has continued to develop his own style by taking in aspects of his everyday life including environment, reality, dreams and relationships and portraying them through his paintings. Jono has had many life changing experiences and this is evident in his work. The use of symbols and letters combined with his character work help to represent people, places and feelings and help keep his work very personal as well as producing something unique to the viewer. After successful gallery showings around Europe as well as his recurrent and arresting style, make him one of the most recognised artists to emerge from the board culture.

Download Jono’s art pack

Danny Wainwright

Danny Wainwright was born in Coventry City in 1975.
At 8 years old he was already writing graffiti and breakdancing with his older brothers and at the age of 11 moved to Stroud in Gloucestershire.
It was in Stroud where he found Skateboarding from a school friend and from that moment there was no looking back.
At the age of 17, Danny moved to Bristol on his own to skate the city streets and push his skating as there was more to offer than the small town he lived in.
His professional skateboard career lasted over 20 years with many accomplishments including being pro for Powell Peralta for over 10 years, a Guinness world record for the highest ollie, winning the European championships, scoring over 20 magazine covers, numerous interviews in global skateboard publications and winning many competitions around the world.
Now residing in Barcelona Danny works for Vans footwear where he is celebrating his 20 years with the brand, He is working with their grassroots program and giving back to core skateboarding.
He continues to skate, create art, paint and experiment with geometric styles and colours.

Find more from him on Instagram. @dannywainwright

Download Danny’s art pack